Circle S Ranch

Chicken Eggs For Sale

Click the button below to place your order. $5.00 a dozen, in the email please provide quantity, and point of contact information.

Our goal is to be able and provide high-quality beef in the future.

Stay tuned as our herd slowly grows.

Our 1930 Chevrolet Fire Truck. We acquired this during the peak of COVID. We made a road trip to Michigan to pick it up. The truck was in service in Van Burren, OH, before retirement. We purchased it for enjoyment, and we like to take people for rides and teach children about the fire history. We have done a couple of wedding send-offs for local firefighters. Our goal is to bring the smiles of people all around when they see it go down the road.

Molleys Custom Silver has been our preferred vendor for custom belt buckles. They have been making buckles for us going on 10 years now. If you want good quality, a quick turnaround time, and great customer service; go check out Molleys HERE.